Which musician has not walked the streets of Pigalle, hoping to find the instrument of his dreams? As everyone knows, the Pigalle district in Paris has always been a mythical district for music. With a little luck you will meet the most famous DJs, sound engineers, producers or instrumentalists of the moment.

This effervescence has led some stores to specialize and become the national reference in their respective fields.

La pédale, Guitar Legend, Métal Guitar, Acoustic & Jazz (formerly Acoustic Guitar), Bass Maniac, L'ampli à Lampes, Home Studio, Sono Shop are among the most famous of them. With this notoriety, these brands have decided to join forces to create THE website dedicated to musicians: pourrlesmusiciens.com

Take advantage of the choice, prices and services that only Pourlesmusiciens.com can offer you.

On Pourlesmusiciens.com, you have access to a choice of more than 400 referenced brands, all year long and we are committed to offering you the widest possible choice of musical instruments, equipment and accessories at the best price


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